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Lymphedema Surgery

Lymphedema is a disease of the lymphatic system. This network of vessels and lymph nodes shuttles fluid and white blood cells throughout the body, similar to the veins and arteries. When the network is disrupted, usually as the result of cancer surgery, lymphatic fluid may be trapped in one area of the body and start to build up. Learn more ➤

DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction Surgery

DIEP stands for deep inferior epigastric perforator, which is a blood vessel found in the lower abdomen. This vessel provides blood flow to the abdominal skin and fat below the belly button. DIEP flap breast reconstruction uses blood vessels and surrounding skin and fat from the abdomen to create a new breast. Learn more ➤

Revisional Breast Surgery

There is no such thing as a simple breast augmentation. This procedure must be approached with the utmost care and planning. Even when it does, there is a potential for complications. When breast augmentation does not achieve or sustain the desired outcome, a revision may be considered. Learn more ➤

Headache Surgery

This specialty was started by Dr. Bahman Guyuron at Georgetown, who noticed that cosmetic surgery for the forehead sometimes resulted in headache relief. He began to study the nerves entering and exiting the skull. Nerves exiting the skull have compression points – places where the nerve is in a confined space and can become irritated. Dr. Patel studied directly with Dr. Guyuron so that he could apply microsurgical techniques to help those with chronic headache pain, including relief of migraines and cluster headaches. Learn more ➤

Limb Salvage Surgery

Dr. Patel can often use microsurgical techniques to salvage or restore threatened limbs, whether the damage is caused by trauma, diabetes, or other diseases. The restoration of proper blood flow may help patients avoid amputation. Even in patients with vascular disease, Dr. Patel is able to reconstruct soft tissue through skin transplantation. He works closely with talented doctors and surgeons who specialize in other disciplines, such as vascular surgery, podiatry, and orthopedics to offer the best chance of preserving or restoring mobility and quality of life. Learn more ➤

Erectile Dysfunction Surgery

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